India, also in history has been named as “Sone Ki Chidiya”, it has innumerous hidden and lost knowledge. The history of Sqay Martial Arts can be traced in Kashmir history. Before 4012 B.C Sqay Martial Art was used by Kashmir’s to protect themselves and used this art for killing animals for their food purposes.

But after 3905 B.C the king “Diya Dev” give the training of this art to the soldiers for protection of Kashmir from enemies and give strict orders to follow up these rules to soldiers.During the muslim period from 1325 A.D to 1819 A.D, the SQAY Martial Art training was compulsory for Kashmiri soldiers. These martial art were known as Kashmiri “Shamsherizen”.After the 1819 A.D due to the poor intention of government, the ancient traditional war art of Kashmir was not developed and popularity thus vanishing this art of defense from Kashmir. The techniques are more to do with weapon fights.