With great pleasure we take this opportunity introducing ourselves and become part of the journey in providing a learning experience that Individual would cherish for a lifetime and bring out the best in them to live life fully and in meaningful ways.Mr. Shibu V Francis is currently the association’s leader, spearheading the team to meet the goals and objective. He has taken training from Grand Master Dr. A. L. P Kumar, MBS (Homoeo) – President of International Chinese Kick Boxing Association and Grand Master of Hsing Chan full contact Kung Fu.

Grand master Dr. A. L. P. Kumar
Grand master Dr. A. L. P. Kumar
Mr. Shibu V Francis is holder of Black Belt 5th Dan Hsing Chan Kung-Fu, and is a Chief Instructor of International Chinese Kick Boxing Association for Maharashtra. He is also a 2nd Dan Black Belt Sqay Martial Arts and also 3rd Dan Black Belt Tang Soo do.His certification & awards achieved are as follows:

Sr. No. Certification Details Year of Achievement
1 Okinawan Shorin-Ryu, Karate-Do 1992
2 Best Instructor from Indian School of Self Defense 1998
3 All India Full Contact Karate Championship 2000
4 5th Dan Black Belt in Hsing Chan Kung Fu & Ninpo Taijutsu 2003
5 12th All India International Itosukai Shotokan Cup Karate Championship 2004
6 Judge in 2nd Maharashtra State Kung-Fu Championship 2007
7 1st State Level Pencak Silat Training Camp 2009
8 Open National Level Karate Championship 2009
9 Tangsoodo World Cup Championship 2010
10 2nd Dan Degree Black Belt in Sqay Martial Arts 2011
11 Muaythai Association, Maharashtra, Training 2011
12 3rd Dan Black Belt in Tangsoodo 2013
Mr. Shibu V Francis
Mr. Shibu V Francis