The idea of forming All India Kung Fu Wu Shu Association was originated in the year 2000 when Mr. Shibu Francis, the founding member, had stabilised his career in teaching Martial Art. His struggling experience since 80’s made the idea generate. The objective came with his life experiences from the period when he professionally started learning Martial Art in his early 80’s till the day when chose teaching Martial Art as his career. His interest got initiated when his uncle, a Martial Artist in Kalaripayattu, (also known as Karali fight, an ancient martial art of Kerala) use to train he and his cousins daily evening and with his mother encouraging him to practice daily to nurture his interest. Further experiencing the changing Indian economy, Indian generation, Indian society & its culture, he realised that the methodology of teaching Martial Art too needs to change and that is when the need of forming a team, an association was realised which took 3 years to become a reality. And in year 2003 the association was formally formed with 7 members, and registered under the required laws.

The group members were:
Mr. Shibu Francis, Mr. Joshi Francis, Mr. Sumit Ujjan, Mr. Manoj Mhatre, Mr. Ajay Nair, Mr. Shivaji Jadhav, & Mr. Amrut Kumar.

Since the members were expert in Chinese Martial Art, while concluding the association name, the Chinese tradition was considered and two key aspects where taken that is “Kung-Fu” & “Wushu”.

“Kung-Fu” was taken as it refers to any studying, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, andtime to make it complete. In other words any skill achieved through hard work & practice. And “Wu Shu” was decided on principal of creating a sport platform to standardise the practice for martial art.

The idea was to take it to National Level and hence the name was concluded as “All India Kung-Fu Wu Shu Association”. Since then under its flagship we started delivering an organised teaching and have trained more than 2600 students and every year targeting 250+